Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Album: Two (Poverty)
Label: Metal Blade
Released: October, 16th, 2007

If you’re wearing a trucker-hat and shootin’ at cats, you’ll love this album. Heshers unite! Demiricous, outta Indianapolis, brings a hopeless night of boozin’ to your one horse town. Two (Poverty), the appropriately named follow-up to One (Hellbound), is full of quickly changing riffs that keeps their straight-up approach to rock‘n’roll interesting. With lyrics like “There is no value/I have no trust/I represent nothing/So fuck yourself,” vocalist Nate Olp spreads visions of a world of depression, poverty, and self-loathing shared by bands like FaceDownInShit, Eyehategod, and Buzzoven. Unlike these bands, Demiricous does not cross into the sludge genre. Instead, they keep it dirty with guitars mixed in the forefront with a ton of crunch and fuzz, similar to the likes of Corrosion of Conformity. Chris Cruz plays all around his kit and creates a similarly huge thunder. The recording allows his double-bass and tom-work to make any stereo’s speakers tremble with pleasure. While the chunka-chunka-chunka of the guitars can get old at points, none of the songs are obvious throw-aways. Two (Poverty) serves a nice shot of metal, straight up.

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