Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Fueled By Fire

by Buttface Bamman

Fueled By Fire isn’t what you might expect of a thrash-metal band. Don’t get me wrong: the riffs are there, the mind-blowing shred-skills, the skank beats, nihilistic lyrics, and whammy bar shrieks… but they aren’t even old enough to drink! In fact, Chris Monroy, one of the two lead guitarists, is just 16, and I predict he’ll have set several fret boards on fire by voting age. Ugh… heh heh. Though their songs may make you want to parachute into a nuclear holocaust, they’re totally chill guys. They’ve got the unique excitement of a band being recognized all over the world for the first time. But they definitely aren’t boasting; they’re just happy that people like their music.
It’s easy to imagine that Fueled By Fire are at the beginning of a prolific music career. They’ve been signed by Metal Blade Records with a three CD deal: the first, Spread The Fire, was released in September ‘07; and this April they’ll leave for their first European tour. For a band that plays mostly underage shows, they’ve got a lot of growing room (in fact, this, the night of their first Northwest American Tour, was their first 21+ only show ever). For more on upcoming tours, check out www.myspace.com/fueledbyfire. Ugh… heh heh, you said moron.

Buttface Bamman: So heh heh… do you guys like, do it?

Band: What?

BF: You know, score with chicks and stuff?

Rick: Yeah, we do it all the time.

BB: Whoa.

Carlos: It's all about the music: fast and loud.
Rick: It drives us, it drives everyone in the crowd. Bang your head!

BB: Spread The Fire is cool. Have people…aghh…like have
people…ugh…are people like, whoa… this is the most awesome thing I've ever heard?

Carlos: Yeah. Surprisingly. I mean around the world and shit. Particularly Germany. I mean, there's nothing but metal over there and for them to say that we're true metal…
Rick: It's a fuckin' honor.

BB: Do you ever like, write a song, like, dnnn dnnn dnnn dnn,
dnnndnnndnnddnn when your like in line at Walgreens, and then wanna punch people and like, smear Vagisil all over their face?

Rick: Yeah, sometimes I want to punch people in the face. You hear it all in yr head. We've been playin' in the same garage for 5 years now. We try not to sit down and just say, we need to write a song now, and it has to be this long, and whatnot. We just jam.

BB: Some dude, earlier, said you were like, Fueled By Fashion… do you wanna like, call up his mom and like, spank her?

Rick: I'd rather beat the shit outta that guy. He doesn't know us.
Carlos: Yeah he doesn't know we've always dressed this way. The way we dress is a way of life for us. All of this shit is a way of life. These guys can talk their shit.
Anthony: At least they know who we are. We don't know who they are.
Rick: No one's ever said anything to our face either.

BB: Ugh… you guys ever smashed your instruments?

Rick: I want to… but it's too expensive.
Chris: If it wasn't mine maybe. I love my guitar.

BB: On that song Dreams of Terror, at about 2 ½ minutes in, it sounds like some guy got up in the background and went:

Anthony: What part was that?
Carlos: Oh, the back up part. That was actually two separately
recorded tracks, one high and one low, and we put them together and made it sound just like Freddy Krueger. We were pretty surprised, so we kept it.

BB: Ugh, you're going to like, destroy this western us tour, what are you most excited for?

Carlos: Meeting the people who like our music. We've got a few 21 and older shows so that's cool. Then the second half of the tour will be all ages shows, and that will rule.

BB: You're set to do the Reign of Tyrants/Keep It True X festival in Germany this April. Will it be your first time playing in Europe?

Anthony: Yeah, I'm a first time flyer. I'm fuckin' scared.
Carlos: Right now, this tour will be our first time out of the state, except once in Mexico.

BB: If you could say one thing to your high school principle, what would it be?

Carlos: You are a fuckin' burnout.
Anthony: Look at me now bitch! There were a group of them dude.
Rick: Yeah, they were all dicks. There was some punk band that wrote a song that said, Fuck Mr. Z.
Carlos: Oh yeah, Mr. Z. They fucked with him. They were like: Fuck Mr. Z!
Rick: Anyway, he probably wouldn't even recognize us.
Carlos: I wouldn't recognize him.

BB: All joking aside, it's been damn impressive talking with you guys, I don't know what I expected, ugh…heh heh, but it's been great. Anything you'd like to tell our readers?

Anthony: Hopefully we'll be playing before you soon.
Carlos: Thanks for all the support.
Rick: Just want to say thank you.

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